I started this site to bring to light the increasing awareness and reports of UFO’s in our skies all around the world. However since starting the site I have had a couple of strange experiences myself. This may be due to the fact that my face is forever skyward lately or just that I am attracting strange phenomia. I really don’t know what the reason is and I can’t explain why. If you want to read my recent experience about cloud anomalies,light bending anomalies and perhaps the capture shot of a UFO then click on the link below.


Are UFO’s real or is it our governments experimenting on advanced technology. The latest statement from Roswell is that yes they did find a flying saucer and they reverse engineered it. It wasn’t alien or from out of space it was an experiment gone wrong by the Russians. Roswell is the most famous and most talked about UFO area in the world. Secrecy and mystery still surrounds the area today.

If the above statement about Roswell is true and that flying saucers are only experiments by governments like the Russians then why do we find all around the world evidence of UFO’s and alien visitors even from ancient times before the bible?

The term UFO (unidentified flying object) is a modern expression of what we can not explain. In the past many other terms were used such as Flying Saucers, Space ships and ufologists now suggest Gods.

Ufotruths is designed to explore these phenomena by bringing you eye witness sightings of UFO’s past and present. Much research has been done on this subject by scientists, governments and ufologists. Ufotruths looks at all the articles, testaments and theories so that you can draw your own conclusions.

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